Elisabeth Chizek

The science of feeding horses has fascinated me since I purchased my first horse at the age of 14.  From that first day, I was constantly trying new supplements to see which worked and studying the latest feeds.  What began as the simple desire to ensure my horses had the best nutrition in order to perform at their peak morphed into a career path during an upper level Equine Nutrition class at the University of Georgia.  This class showed me there was a career in which I could do what I had always loved doing: helping others take better care of their horses.  My undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences with an Equine Emphasis from the University of Georgia gave me an excellent base in feeding, management, and care of horses.  A master’s degree in Equine Nutrition from the University of Florida continued my education in nutrition research, feed development, and ration balancing.  My background and education allows me to interpret cutting edge research and help educate fellow horse owners.  As an owner and competitor of three-day eventing and dressage horses, the recommendations I make are based on scientific research as well as practical experience and knowledge. 

In 2017, I completed a saddle fitting and flocking course offered by the Master Saddlers Association.  This course teaches fitters to evaluate 12 points of saddle fit, interpret wither tracings, understand dynamic fitting, and how to make flocking adjustments for the horse’s optimal comfort.  As an independent saddle fitter, I can objectively evaluate any brand of saddle for fit of both rider and horse. 

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