What We Do

On-Site Consultations

For those located in the Southeastern United States, Elisabeth is available for on-farm nutrition consulting. This includes taking samples and discussing body composition, concerns, and goals.

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Remote Consultation

Since on-site visits are not always possible, Balance Equine Consulting offers remote counseling. Clients will provide samples for pasture and hay analysis and then a phone or video conference will be scheduled to discuss a customized feeding plan.

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Saddle Fitting

It’s important for you and your horse to have a comfortable riding experience and your saddle is a large part of the equation. Balance Equine Consulting offers saddle fit evaluations and recommendations for all disciplines as well as adjusting wool flocked English saddles.

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Balancing Diets - Balancing Saddles

We can’t wait to help you with your equine nutrition and saddle fitting needs. Balance Equine Consulting works with all disciplines and types of horses and riders. Contact us today!
Peri Franklin
Killian Branch Farm

Elisabeth has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to equine nutrition and correct saddle fit. She understands the nutritional and physical needs of top performing equine athletes as well as beloved pasture ponies and will create a comprehensive program tailored to your horses’ specific needs. She has helped us restructure our feeding program and we are seeing great results — shiny, happy horses with sensible minds (WIN!). We are so pleased she has set up “shop” in North Georgia as she is an intelligent and contributing addition to our horse community. Good luck, we are excited to see your journey begin!

Deb Kovac

Liz helped me rule out my existing saddles and located a saddle within my meager price range. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Rochelle Jensen

Elisabeth is passionate about what she does and it is reflected in her skills and knowledge. She has research experience and a masters degree in equine nutrition. Her credentials make her an obvious choice among many other ‘experts’ in this field.

Kaitlyn Turner
Leap of Faith Farm

Elisabeth helps keep all of our horses happy and healthy, and we love her! If your horse is in need of nutrition or saddle fitting advice (and lets face it, most horses are in some way) please call Balance Equine Consulting!